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Hi-Tech institute provides a gateway to professional and personal growth of the individual students through job and business training. Our team of experts works hard in understanding the quick needs of the students to face the industry after the course completion. Since all our courses are skill development courses such as computer hardware repair, mobile phone repair, etc., we encourage a job-driven training that polishes the caliber of the students.

HITECH Training Module

The module of Hi-Tech training is quite different from other technical education institutes. We have tailored professional development programs aimed at specific career goals of the students. Besides, we have trained thousands of students owing to which they are either successfully running their personal business or are employed by reputed multinational companies. Our successful job placement in Nokia, LG, Samsung, BPL, Sony, Tata, Motorola, etc., has given us an edge over our competitors. Our trainers help students in becoming self-employed by providing them ample support and guidance. The training module of Hi-Tech is inclusive of

  • Mock Interview Preparation
  • Monthly Campus Interviews & Placement
  • Special Classes on Resume Writing
  • Personality Development Classes
  • Interview Training (fostering behavior and communicating skills)

Clearly, we follow no single technique but a mix of different approaches for making each student comfortable during their placement procedure. We develop industry-specific skills in the students by offering them the following benefits :

  • Right to display Hi-Tech member sign board
  • Certificate display on need
  • Exclusive rights to purchase reliable & tested parts(mobile, computer, laptop)
  • Free technology upgrades knowledge & support through regular workshops, seminars and classroom instructions
  • Supply of different equipment, parts, & components at lower rates
  • Free latest software repairs/software testing by HITECH R&D team
  • Free email/onsite/phone support
  • Receive repair jobs from the head office or branches
  • Easy migration from self-employment to job & vice versa

Our modern infrastructure & facilities along with trainers have helped us in providing quality training to all the enrolled students of the institutes. We favor change for betterment of the students that makes us the premium computer repair, mobile and laptop repair institute. We have made the dreams of the students true with mobile, laptop and computer jobs, or businesses in India and abroad.

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